Client Testimonials

Interview Dodgeball hits it out of the park!  As a partner in a management consulting firm, I have interviewed hundreds of potential employees through the years.  The people I hire are the ones who are confident, prepared and ready to produce results in our organization. The valuable points made in this DVD are “right on” and will prepare anyone going on a job interview.  I highly recommend applying the material from Interview Dodgeball to avoid common mistakes made during the interview process.”
Partner in Management Consulting Firm

“Great Tool Every Job Seeker Should Have…Forget the books...this DVD will only take 50 minutes of your time.  Whether you just graduated college and seeking that first job, or a seasoned professional this DVD will help.  I'm 43 and have held 3 positions in my career.  There are a lot of tips here that will help you with your interviews.  A lot of these I knew and this helped as a refresher, but I was surprised about how many I didn't think of.  The material  is organized very well.  It’s easy to follow along and take notes.  I’m one that learns best by hearing AND seeing the information. I found the video to contain essential information to prepare for a successful interview. I thought the price was right at $25.  Even being on unemployment I could spend that much.”
Tech Support, Computer Industry

“This is a great DVD, very professional.  Full of great information for anyone going on a job interview. I was impressed with the amount of information.”  
Director of Training, Advertising Company
“It has been a while since I interviewed and I had forgotten about so many of the things you discussed in the video.  I am glad I watched the DVD.  I recently went on an interview and was better prepared to answer questions”
Customer Service Representative

“Interview Dodgeball should be required for every college and high school graduate.  Great for any corporate person changing jobs or reentering the job market.  It covers a broad spectrum of information to succeed in the job interview.  I highly recommend it! “  
Marketing Representative

"Bobby recently finished production on his DVD, Interview Dodgeball, and I have to tell you that before I watched this DVD, I felt very strongly that as someone who earns a living talking to people that I would be prepared in an interviewing situation, but found myself astounded at the level of detail and preparation that Bobby goes into on the DVD. Bobby’s concepts and tips can seriously make you POP for the interviewer and ensure a place in their mind throughout the hiring process. The simple fact of the matter is that technical expertise and years of industry experience no longer distinguish candidates in today's job market. You need to watch Bobby's DVD to really get a grasp of how to prepare for an interview and perform at your highest level."
Financial Advisor

“I just finished viewing your new DVD, Interview Dodgeball, and I must say it was excellent…a real winner! It provides thorough coverage of what to do and what not to do during a job interview in a creative and entertaining way. This is a great tool for anyone who is looking for a job.”
Sr. Technical Writer